We tell your story!

Every successful project is worth being communicated!

We tell your story!

We believe, that the more you share knowledge, the more you stimulate innovation. The experience, that is gained with every single successful project, is worth to be communicated. It will inspire people and give them confidence in digital solutions.

DigiWhat creates standardized, high quality use cases for vendors and service providers with innovative software solutions, which can easily be used for marketing and sales.

Claudia Heim - CEO


Today there are so many digital solutions to a problem and the market is much more fragmented than ever before. I almost have the feeling that many people stumble upon a solution to their challenge 'by chance'. Isn´t there a better way?


Companies start their journey to the right solution with a problem. That´s what use cases also do. They describe the basic problem, that is mostly business-driven and they teach about the opportunities, that can be achieved with a digital solution. We simplify the lifecycle of use cases – from creation to distribution. Making this solution-oriented form of marketing big, was the reason to found DigiWhat - a start-up, that is dedicated solely to use cases.
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