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An interview with Philipp Rossner, Chief Strategy Officer from Signa Sports United GmbH

SIGNA Sports United is the leading sports e-commerce platform in Continental Europe. Philipp Rossner is Chief Strategy Officer and responsible for the expansion of the platform.

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If you had to choose between design, speed or maximum product offering in a new online store, what would you prioritize?

A maximum product offering.

What is your opinion: A smaller internal core team and then, depending on your needs, fall back on external experts or expand the knowledge internally through qualification and growth?

Because of the complexity, the possibilities and the constantly new technologies: Small core team and external experts.

Is it about learning from Amazon or is it about being "different" in your opinion?


You deal with online commerce on a daily basis - can an established company that "also" operates online do what it takes to compete in this field?


We want to profit from your experience. Do you have 3 tips what NOT to do or a nice example what did not lead to success?

Do not underestimate customer feedback!

Do not scale too fast.

Don't just depend on search engine marketing, but think about branding. The question must be, how does the customer remember my online shop once he has been there? It is much easier to work offline with lasting impressions.

And now even number 4: work with partners early on. Many tend to want to develop everything themselves for far too long.

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