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Cocoworker was born from an observation : the gap between the values ​​displayed by the company and what is experienced internally by the employees create disengagement and resistance to change. Our mission is to realign organizations with their culture by responding to the main motivational levers of employees: meaning, impact and potential for their personal and professional development. Our software allows employees to be recognized for their exemplary behaviors in line with the business project, whether it is a digital transformation, a corporate culture or a CSR policy. Thanks to a system of recommendations between colleagues, Cocoworker allows employees to be valued each month for their positive behaviors, in line with the business plan. This managerial innovation complements traditional vertical recognition systems focused on individual results. It allows employees to become aware of their strengths in life skills and contributes to creating new models of success accessible and inspiring for all. For the management, Cocoworker is a great ally to motivate their teams, measure adherence to the business plan, promote horizontal collaboration, map connections and identify leaders recognized for their human skills. Cocoworker helps CEOs and managers that have collaboration stakes, difficulties to attract, engage and retain the bests in hyper growth and transformation contexts.

Faustine Duriez

Founder & CEO

Former consultant in Change Management at AXA, Faustine imagined her concept of recognition between colleagues in intrapreneurship under the name "I TAG YOU" and then consolidated it in entrepreneurship with Cocoworker. Winner of "Femmes en Vue" by Vox Femina and TF1 and "Femme Entrepreneur" by CNAM, she's actively working to help employees develop and thrive in the new world of work and to spread in organizations the principles of collaboration, continuous learning, transparency and openness that characterize the web.

Faustine Duriez

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The challenge to establish an open culture and guarantee “wellness” at work in a fast-growing company for new and existing employees


A solution that supports with positive reinforcement softskills for the individual corporate culture