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WHITE LABEL ADVISORY is the solution for arranging and billing free consulting capacities. With us, excellent advisors such as management consultancies, auditors and IT or engineering service providers - and explicitly no freelancers or sole proprietorships - can offer their free capacities at standardized conditions to meet open consulting needs of our clients. More transparency and reduced transaction costs thus create financial, qualitative and time advantages for clients and advisors!

Philipp Weber

Implementation partner

Born 1985 in Bremen. Lawyer and sleeved-up roll-up artist with more than 8 years of professional & consulting experience in IT implementation and digitization projects. At WHITE LABEL ADVISORY especially responsible for Technology & Operations.

Philipp Weber

Consulting expertise on demand



A medium-sized financial service provider needed ad hoc a suitable sub-project management and the known service providers were not available


The solution was a digital procurement channel for consulting service providers in which consulting requirements were proactively reported and services were invoiced centrally and comprehensibly in the sense of a 1-creditor model