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aiconix offers with its platform aingine an AI-One-Stop-Shop for content owners. The platform analyses, keywords and indexes texts, audio files, images and videos and converts them into precise data (metadata). This auto-cataloguing process facilitates future searches in the media archive according to specific parameters. We also offer many other AI features such as face recognition, speech-to-text (also via a SLACK® app), automated creation of subtitle files for videos in different languages, and much more. All this is independent of providers, as aiconix curates the features to achieve the best possible result.

Eugen Gross


Eugen Gross has many years of experience in the field of moving image production He started his career in Film & TV with an internship at an Austrian TV as a production- and camera-assistant. From there he moved to Berlin where he continued working for a TV news agency, trained as satellite uplink technician and later became the technical supervisor of a small OB-Van with satellite uplink facilities. Following his move to Hamburg he continued working in the entertainment industry specialized as a live cameraman for music and entertainment shows. He was a partner in a production company, was co-founder a company for a long-time documentary film and started also to work as a producer and as a director. With his extensive experience he knows the challenges of the media industry very well. Through his Executive MBA studies at the Hamburg Media School he discovered his interest in data, artificial intelligence and the use of these in the creation of content.

Eugen Gross

AI provides transcripts and subtitles in highest quality



An increasing daily amount of video content, where subtitles had to be added and content labelled, led to high personnel costs and reduced the possibility to search and monetize the content


A platform where you can use all providers offering transcript and where you let the platform curate the result