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1oT is a carrier independent 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, & LTE-M connectivity provider for global IoT service providers. The company is handling the complexity of working with multiple carriers while providing one invoice, one connectivity management platform, and one eSIM card with many pre-negotiated carrier deals in over 190 countries. Today, the company is serving 300,000 IoT and M2M devices worldwide with connectivity. The service is ideal for clients who need to sell to or provide its service with their IoT or M2M devices in different countries and want to avoid dealing with different carrier integrations, SIM cards, SIM configurations, customer support and invoices.

Mikk Lemberg

Marketing and Design Manager

"If a customer is not using cellular technologies, then we are not the perfect match, but if it comes to SIMs & eSIMs, we're number one."

Mikk Lemberg

Global IoT Connectivity with eSIM or Traditional SIM



The customer wanted to deploy a global IoT solution and saw it was necessary to scale it quickly to different countries.


The customer decided to use a complete eSIM solution for his global deployments, that helps minimizing effort and costs to get the right connectivity in every country