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Passage AI

Passage AI enables businesses to harness the power of AI-enabled conversational interfaces to bring bottom-line benefits, to better utilize service agents saddled by mundane tasks, and to deliver exceptional customer experience. Passage AI counts Kohl's, Bridgestone, Shell, Wynn, Ford, TransUnion, Daimler and TUI among the business and services that use its solution. A 2018 TiE50, Golden Bridge and Global Achievement for AI and 2019 Technology of the Year award winner, the company has secured $10.3 million in total funding and is headquartered in Mountain View, USA.

How to automate internal processes like risk assessments



Qualified employees should solve qualified problems and not waste a huge portion of their capacity with pre-qualification of respective problems.


Necessary pre-qualification is optimized by a Conversational AI guiding the employee through the process