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Chatlayer.ai is the leading AI bot platform to build chatbots and voicebots on. With our platform your business can easily build bots once and make them available in 100+ languages. There is no limit to the size of your bot project with the Chatlayer.ai platform. Thanks to our Natural Language Processing (NLP) you can do deep-dive analysis on the performance of your bot. Headquartered in Belgium, Chatlayer services organizations globally in many different industries like Telco, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Government, Healthcare and many more. Our platform daily bridges the gap between technology and having great conversations in automated way

Automation in sales for products that are in need of explanation



A leading European Telco wanted to increase his phone subscription packs for retailers and in the same time minimize costs of acquisition


An automated AI Chatbot helped to increase sales, by targeting this special customer segment and answer their questions