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Every successful project is worth being communicated!

DigiWhat GmbH

Every successful project has to be communicated

DigiWhat is your one-stop-shop for scalable success story creation. Success stories are a great way to connect solution seekers and providers, build trust and boost sales. We have standardized the success story creation process with the first solution providing high-quality content that scales. DigiWhat provides smart technology to help events, communities or single tech companies create high-quality success stories in a reliable, convenient and enjoyable way. Tell your story!

Claudia Heim


Claudia is the Founder and CEO of DigiWhat. She is a female entrepreneur, leader, and a digital evangelist with 10+ years' experience in the digital solutions industry and accompanieing corporates on their way to digital transformation. She has created and run DigiWhat, with a principal vision to make the matchmaking between solution seekers and solution providers more simple.

Claudia Heim