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Every successful project is worth being communicated!

DigiWhat GmbH

Every successful project has to be communicated

DigiWhat is your one-stop-shop for scalable success story creation. Success stories are a great way to connect solution seekers and providers, build trust and boost sales. We have standardized the success story creation process with the first solution providing high-quality content that scales. DigiWhat provides smart technology to help events, communities or single tech companies create high-quality success stories in a reliable, convenient and enjoyable way. Tell your story!

Claudia Heim


Claudia is the Founder and CEO of DigiWhat. She is a female entrepreneur, leader, and a digital evangelist with 10+ years' experience in the digital solutions industry and accompanieing corporates on their way to digital transformation. She has created and run DigiWhat, with a principal vision to make the matchmaking between solution seekers and solution providers more simple.

Claudia Heim

Increase matchmaking and engagement quality for events



The "Stickiness" of participants to an established B2B event was at risk, because of the change in how hybrid and online events pay off in sales for their exhibitors


A well-structured and standardized tech-supported overview of exhibitors Case Studies with a unique plug & play tool for (B2B tech) events