Young talents: no consistency and fluctuation in the teams

Project costs (digits)
Young talents: no consistency and fluctuation in the teams
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Project costs (digits)
Valentin Vollmer
The problem
The fluctuation, especially among young employees in the initial period, was high and therefore it was impossible to have a constant team development.
Currently one of the most explosive topics: Young and good employees. If I have managed to get them - how do I keep them? It is important for Wurzelschläger & Friends GmbH to give employees a perspective and help them to master the individual challenges in their career. Once they reach points where they are overwhelmed or simply inexperienced, frustration can quickly arise. This frustration must be dealt with quickly, because young talents are hotly courted today. Companies often outbid each other with promises in order to entice new employees away.They wanted an innovative, flexible solution that would support employees when they needed it.

In addition, there was a lack of an overview of topics that move employees in order to be able to plan further training in a focused manner.

The solution
A start-up company offers online coaching on-demand and can support employees in their development in an uncomplicated, fast and individual way.
A start-up company was found which offers online coaching on-demand. The coaching can be offered on short notice and around the clock and at the same time offers a pool of selected top coaches.

Wurzelschläger received a defined package of voucher codes, which were handed out to the employees. The employees use the online coaching according to their own schedule (e.g. also in the evening or on weekends) and redeem the voucher codes as a means of payment. A session is booked by entering the desired date and topic on the website and then having up to 3 coach profiles suggested individually via the integrated matching tool. Then you book an appointment with the coach of your choice. At the agreed time both of them log in and talk to each other via video real-time conversation. 

The range of topics for which experts can be consulted is wide and includes conflicts, career, leadership (both problems with the boss and "Help me be a young leader") and self-management.

Average amount of work/time until employee receives coaching (25 hours)
- 2 hours: HR interview to determine the exact coaching needs
- Five hours: Screening coach database by HR, employee conducts selection interview with coaches
- 2 hours: internal coordination and commissioning
- 0.5 hours: Appointment for first session
- 1 hour: coaching session
- Two hours: Travel time
- Five hours: Evaluation
- Five hours: Accounting/Checking/Travel expense report
- Two and a half hours: Organization, internal coordination
Average workload/time until employee receives coaching (2.5 hours):
- 0.2 hours: Selection of the suitable coach - matching algorithm suggests up to 3 coach profiles to the employee
- 0.1 hours: Employee selects and assignment with voucher
- 0.1 hours: Appointment for first session
- 1 hour: Coaching session at work or at home
- 0.1 hours: Evaluation
- 1 hour: billing once for all employees to be supported
What had the customer tried before?Professional qualification in the training courses, social events.
  • No termination since the solution is in use.
  • High efficiency increase in the coordination of coaching for HR department and employees (see before vs. after)
  • Targeted personnel development without wastage
  • Increase in employee motivation and improved working atmosphere validated by annual employee survey
The project schedule
  • purchase of voucher codes - i.e. of coaching sessions - by the company
  • employees receive voucher codes to use the entire coaching portfolio and all contents
  • depending on the voucher package different individual offers possible
Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
About 2 weeks from the first project presentation to the first coaching
Project cost
Involved employees
(Project phase, FTE)
Skills required by the customer
In general, no special skills are required.
The project schedule
  • make sure that everyone has a web browser & can access it
  • possible on any device with microphone, camera and access to a web browser
  • no app necessary 
Valentin Vollmer (Founder and CEO of CoachNow)
Valentin Vollmer
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.