Off to the next league

Off to the next league
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Tahmim Naim
The problem
The promotion to the second league is wonderful news for a football club. But now it is time to deal with completely different fan numbers. How do you manage growth on the IT side? And can you create a "fan-oriented" service when you have historically grown data silos?
The rapid rise to a higher league meant that a club and its fan base grew so rapidly that the necessary (IT) system environment for handling the tasks, especially fan-related tasks, was no longer suitable for the current club size. The existing system therefore had to be expanded to include supplementary systems such as a merchandise management and shop system. The grown system environment did not work in a centralized way, and many things were processed with the help of various Excel files in different requirement areas and solutions of external providers. As a result, a holistic, transparent view of fan-relevant data was not possible, the administration effort of the employees increased and the high economic opportunity of the club's promotion could not be used efficiently. What the club needed was a synchronization of the systems and a holistic view of all fan interactions. To sum up: The time had come to switch to "professional" online.
The solution
A holistic view of fan interaction had to be enabled, fans had to be addressed with tailored offers and advertising measures, and the systems had to be synchronized for a better usability and shopping experience.
The solution to the problem was an integration platform that not only summarized and optimized all digital processes, but also completely automated some manual work steps. Together with an experienced consultant, the managing director of the club, the executive committee, the head of sales, the stadium manager and an employee from the merchandising department ventured into the project. It quickly became clear that in addition to the existing requirements, the DSGVO issue also played a role here. With additional resources a parallel project was initiated. A delayed provision of interfaces also affected the time and budget of the project; but due to a solution-oriented approach, the partner optimized the interfaces and combined the go-live for two releases. Thus, "planned" and "actual" were close together in terms of time and effort. A proud association, because who can still say that about a project today!
  • Creation of transparency for the entire fan interaction
  • Full exploitation of the entire entrepreneurial potential by linking the entire process and system landscape
  • Individual communication with fans worldwide
  • Increase of usability for fans, members and employees
  • Improvement of the Customer Journey
Tahmim Naim (Consultant and sales expert)
Tahmim Naim
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