Knowing what's going on at all times and in real time

Knowing what's going on at all times and in real time

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Einfache Bereitstellung von zielgruppenspezifischen Informationen - ohne notwendiger Weise zentralen Server

The problem

The IT department does not have a timely overview of system problems and the individual forklift driver does not receive the information necessary to work more efficiently, or not in time

At a German medium-sized company, IT had the requirement to be able to react more quickly to errors and to process incoming tickets better. However, there was a lack of transparency in the IT and logistics departments and a centralized view of incoming requests and faults. The time delay that arose because the information was not available in real time was immense.

The solution

Forklift with touch screens and an IT management board for real-time data visualization

The solution includes dashboards with the most important key figures (live), which are generated via interfaces to the customer's individual systems. Forklift trucks with touch screens for logistics, as well as a transparent ticketing system in the form of an IT management board for real-time data visualization for the IT department. 



  • Information must be painstakingly gathered
  • Error messages were not immediately apparent 


  • Faster response times in case of application errors or data transfer problems
  • Sustainable optimization of IT processes through permanent process transparency
  • Simple provision of target group-specific information
  • Direct availability of information on the truck via touchpad


Stumbling blocks

Through the support, which reacts quickly, emerging stumbling blocks can be solved quickly. 

What had the customer tried before?

The idea of developing the system on one's own came up. But this idea was quickly discarded. 

Additional challenges at the customer

  • Visual monitoring of functional errors in applications or data transfers between systems
  • Display of key figures and information from various systems for forklift drivers

What criteria were important to him?

  • being able to intervene quickly yourself
  • continuously optimize systems and processes
  • fast and competent support
  • process safety
  • efficient and sensible use of resources



  • Data is fetched from the network. No central server is necessary.
  • Cloud services can be used, but an Internet connection is not absolutely necessary.
  • Different source systems can be processed.
  • Interactive elements can be integrated to control a visualization.
  • Reading and writing of the processed data in different systems is possible.

The project schedule

First information about the solution, introduction via webinar, download of the free Peakboard Designer, support during the ordering phase or for questions about the solution, support for further projects 

Project maturity level

Used company-wide

Project duration

8 hours to productive use of a first peakboard

Project cost


Involved employees
(Operating phase, FTE)


Running costs
(per month, digits)


Involved employees
(Project phase, FTE)



Skills required by the customer

A workshop (1 day) with a consultant of the provider was conducted on site. Beyond that, no special skills are necessary - except a basic technical understanding. 
It should be known which data should be displayed and where the data is located.

The project schedule

Download of the free software Peakboard Designer; free trial; workshop over 1 day with Peakboard Consultants -> first IT Management Board was operational after 8 hours, after purchase, technical support for adjustments etc. 

Technical facts

The Peakboard Box is available in two versions Peakboard Pro and Peakboard Enterprise:

Peakboard Pro: This version is to be seen as the base. It contains all modern, generic data protocols like JSON, XML, CSV or Social Media, Sharepoint and cloud based services like Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Peakboard Enterprise: This is supplemented by direct access to data. 
This includes SAP, all kinds of databases and machine controls such as Siemens S7 or OPC UA. 

Where is the data located?

The customer's data is located in SAP, and in addition to this, it was counter and webcam data. 


Tibor Fritzsche (Direct contact person for the use of Peakboard in your company)

"If a customer is desperate to implement a business intelligence project to display information on the shop floor, we can't help, but when it comes to quickly and easily displaying real-time data from different systems, such as SAP, we're at the forefront".

Tibor Fritzsche

The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.