Optimizing an app for better marketing results

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Optimizing an app for better marketing results
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Project costs (digits)
Aleksandra Sztemberg
The problem
A music streaming app had the problem, not to have insights about their users, and deep expertise in data analysis was missing
The customer owns a music streaming app and was struggling to receive insights from his data. But it is a challenge to create a product and advertising strategy without key insights about the users of an app. For instance, he was trying to discover an “Aha” moment for his app. The question was: What makes his users actually convert, what increases the probability that they will purchase a premium plan? Not knowing what leads to conversion to premium subscription, made deciding on product changes difficult, and more of a trial and error process.

The customer has been working with other tools, however, found it difficult to actually do something with the data. Most platforms still require a lot of knowledge and manual work.

  • Trying to optimize the cost of advertising
  • Optimizing the cost of workforce
  • Optimizing the time spent on daily basis of searching for the insights
  • Making sure that everyone in the company makes data-driven decisions
The solution
A Marketplace with ready-to-use-templates for different use cases, where data simply has to be be uploaded
The music streaming app company decided for a marketplace with templates. He managed to find answers to not only that problem, but also discover other interesting insights, just by uploading the data and picking specific templates from the marketplace.

At the same time, the marketplace has been built with special care to the quality of User Experience. Therefore, it is solving complex problems but feels lightweight for an end user. It allowed the customer to minimize manual work and at the same time use the ready solutions, without a need to hire the data team.

What had the customer tried before?Tools such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and others
By knowing the “Aha” moment more specifically, the onboarding flow of the app and additional emails could be optimized, so that users would get quicker to the moment of playing 10 songs within the first 30 minutes of installing app, and be faster to understand the benefits of the music streaming proposition.

More benefits: Data can be now democratized to everyone in the company. There is no more need for hours of manual work.

The project schedule
Customers need to provide their data, as well as company credentials and payment info (while purchasing the plan).
Project maturity level
POC (Pilot)
Project duration
The client saw return on investment within 6 - 9 months of implementation.
Project cost
Skills required by the customer
The company deploys their own Professional Services Engineers to make sure clients are successful with the technology. 
The project schedule
Technical facts

The client’s app is developed on the iOS platform.

Integrations & APIs

Deployment API, which can be used to implement real-time models such as recommender and prediction.

Where is the data stored?

Most data is stored on servers within the EU (Germany), and data is encrypted in flight as well as in rest.

Aleksandra Sztemberg
"If a customer is looking to analyze any kind of data that is not according to a certain assumption and schema , then we are not the perfect match, but if it comes to to automatically giving solutions to common business problem with event based data (e.g. a device or user that generates event or actions), we're number one."
Aleksandra Sztemberg
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.