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Technical Skills needed: Now!
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Project costs (digits)
Running costs
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Agnieszka Porebska
The problem
To win a project together with a global enterprise client, a company needed “immediately” native iOS and Android skills
The customer needed native iOS and Android skills as soon as possible to be dedicated to building SDK for a climate control hardware device. This was needed for their client in turn to win their project.

But the skills were not available immediately at a cost point that made the project viable. Usually, it takes 30-90 days to hire a tech person and even outsourcing providers are rarely able to provide the right people in less than a couple of weeks.


  • High demands regarding technical skills + English
  • Extremely short time required for productivity Push from final client side – delivery had to be quick and high quality
  • No previous experience with the Human Cloud model 
The solution
A Human Cloud with validated specialists – not a database with anonymous freelancers
A Human Cloud model means that IT specialists are available on a platform who, are ready to work for clients on demand with a very short time to productivity and cost effectiveness. In case of cooperating with the company the customer can select a team of specialists provided by one or different vetted, trusted SME partners.

Cooperating with SMEs instead of freelancers provide more value in terms of quality of delivery management, employee motivation and transparency. The selected specialists offered high skills confirmed by reliable tests via internal and external measurement tools. All specialists were available on demand. The specialists/teams are from CEE, where still best skills at a cost-effective price in comparison with other regions are available. Also, teams from CEE are very attractive for western companies because of their cultural proximity.

Stumbling blocks
Time zone between CET and PST differential reduced initial collaboration and knowledge exchange, but with focus on maximizing overlap this was resolved and became a later stage project advantage.
What had the customer tried before?Local (west coast US) freelancers
Later in the project the development team worked more efficiently with the client team than being local as the client could test and send feedback while the developers were sleeping and then developers could fix any issues before the client got to work the next day. Client won and delivered their project successfully

Additionally, this small project served as a pilot for future use in the Human Cloud which was seen at the time as being a huge innovation that can create a tangible competitive advantage.

The project schedule
  • Specification of requirements from client 
  • Onboarding the remote development team 
  • Setting up collaborative development environment (BitBucket used) 
  • Sending physical devices to development team to test with 
  • Development of SDKs for iOS and Android with acceptance testing on client side
  • Review and feedback
Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
3 months
Project cost
Running costs
(per month, digits)
The project schedule
Below find the Skills, that were needed for the project and mainly covered in the Human Cloud model

*High level:

  • Set up BitBucket
  • Develop SDKs and automated testing scripts 
  • Testing on physical devices sent by client

Tech Specs

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Jira

Integration & APIs

Older version of a mobile app which could be used as reference for interfacing with the hardware device

Where is the data stored?

Ready code was delivered to the client, so no customer data was provided.

Agnieszka Porebska
"If a customer would not be open for contingency workforce models and would like to have people on board, then we are not the perfect match, but if it comes to providing vetted, skilled and cost effective tech teams on demand we're number one."
Agnieszka Porebska
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.