Where to store the data - and there is more and more!

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Where to store the data - and there is more and more!
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Project costs (digits)
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Marcus Koch
The problem
How do you manage the growing data volume with a small budget and a 24x7 availability requirement?
Der rasante Anstieg der Datenmenge und das damit einhergehende Erlernen der Einhaltung von Regularien und Gesetzen bezüglich Schutz, Aufbewahrung und Verfügbarkeit der Daten führten den Kunden dazu schnell eine Lösung für dieses neue Probelm zu suchen.
  • Fast transfer rates
  • Simple operation
  • Memory expansion options
The solution
A NAS solution that solves out-of-the-box data storage with minimal configuration requirements
Eine NAS- Lösung mit einer speziellen Software, die im Netzwerk des Unternehmens eingebunden ist. Sie ist erweiterbar und mit Hilfe von einer Software, mit der der Kunde den Speicher individuell managen kann, leistungsstark genug, um die meisten Server zu ersetzen. 
Before that, the distributor was always trying to stay below the maximum storage capacity of the server. 
Should the storage capacity not be sufficient in the future, the racks used can be easily upscaled with expansion devices during operation without further configuration adjustments, so that future requirements can be calmly anticipated as the capacity limit of the storage pool is approached.
What had the customer tried before?In the past, many smaller servers were used as storage media. These have proven to be reliable, but not a satisfactory solution in the long run. 
  • Good performance stability, which provides an excellent infrastructure for electronics.
  • DiskStation Manager offers a great tool with its Storage Manager, which leaves enough room for individual and flexible settings. Here I would rather talk about the richness of features.
  • DiskStation Manager offers a long list of features that can handle a wide variety of challenges. The list starts with backup applications and ends with web hosting, virtualization, and hosting MySQL databases. There are also some specific applications, such as PACS - a system for storing and managing medical images, such as X-rays. A complete list of official applications can be found here: https://www.synology.com/de-de/dsm/packages
  • The software is intuitive to use, which makes not only the installation of the system but also the administration very easy. Therefore, complicated administrative tasks were omitted and you could concentrate on what was really important: the smooth and successful execution of all tasks.
  • With the Snapshot Replication tool, backups are created in no time and all important data is backed up with just a few clicks.
  • Maximum reliability with an additional power supply to the NAS.
  • The selected RAID 6 array protects against malfunctions of up to two hard drives at the same time. For maximum uptime, Synology High-Availability is used, which swings to a synchronized passive system in case of unexpected failure.
The project schedule
In the first step, a potential customer often contacts the supplier via the contact page and sends his individual requirements. On the basis of the requirements, it becomes obvious which products come into question and whether a suitable solution is available. Once a potential product has been identified, the customer can then take a test position over a period of 4 weeks. During this time the customer can recreate his scenarios and test whether the product meets his expectations. This test is free of charge and without obligation. Once the customer has decided to purchase the product, he can obtain the suitable product from one of the sales partners or from his own IT service provider. Of course, the entire process can also be handled by your own IT service provider. The probability is quite high that they are already in contact with Synology or even registered as a partner.
Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
few weeks
Project cost
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Skills required by the customer
Basic understanding about networks
The project schedule
To understand which products are suitable for the customer, the following questions must be answered: 

  • How much storage capacity is currently required?
  • How many GB/TB of storage space will be added each year?
  • How many simultaneous accesses to the storage system does the customer expect?
  • Will the accesses take place exclusively from PC clients or are there also servers among them, which for example access a database located on the storage system?
  • Which software solutions are required? E.g. backup, file synchronization between all clients and the storage system, video surveillance, mail server etc.

Technical Facts

  • Often there are several products in question, so you choose a product that offers the right price-performance ratio for the individual case. 
  • File Server - Providing data over the network is a key feature of Synology DiskStation and Synology RackStations. Synology storage systems support all major network protocols: SMB1 (CIFS), SMB2, SMB3, NFSv3, NFSv4, NFSv4.1, NFS Kerberized sessions, iSCSI, HTTP, HTTPs, FTP, SNMP, LDAP, CalDAV
  • Scalability on-the-fly - depending on the storage system used, expansion units can be connected via eSATA or Infini-Band to increase storage capacity. Expansion units can be connected during operation.
  • DiskStation Manager - DSM is the operating system developed by Synology and used by all storage systems. DSM is browser-based and will work on any system. It is customer-friendly in operation and rich in features.
  • Snapshot Replication - Snapshots are created using the BTRFS file system
  • Synology High-Availability - SHA is a fail-safe cluster consisting of one active and one passive controller. If the active controller fails, an automatic failover to the passive controller takes place within about 1 minute.

Where is the data located?

Local, On-Premise

Marcus Koch
"If a customer is looking for highly complex solutions that are pieced together from products from 5 different vendors, we can't help, but when it comes to finding an out-of-the-box solution with minimal configuration requirements for numerous use cases, we are at the forefront of the game".
Marcus Koch
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.