Conversion in eCommerce

Project costs (digits)
Running costs
(per month, digits)
20% increase in website conversion, 15% decrease of advertising spend
20% increase in website conversion, 15% decrease of advertising spend
Conversion in eCommerce
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Project costs (digits)
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Tim Hoefnagel
The problem
High advertising spend and a risk of over stock was the unsatisfactory result of not making the right offers to visitors of the webshop
Inefficiency in advertising spending and website conversion were hurting the bottom line of a fashion retailer. Customers of the client were getting lost browsing through products, not able to find what they liked. This put more pressure on advertising spend to make sure enough customers were coming the site and causing a risk of over stock. 
  • Use of the Lightspeed CMS and no in-house development team  
  • Migration from Mailchimp to new ESP system 
The solution
A SaaS solution that processes behavioral website data and helps the eCommerce company to rise conversion by creating a unique experience for the visitor

A Custom Data Platform for Travel and Fashion ecommerce companies was implemented to capture all behavioral website data and build profiles. After implementing the platform, user behavior was processed to create:

  • Automated email campaigns for abandoned website visits and abandoned carts
  • Product recommendation units on homepage and product pages
  • Persuasion tactics based on user statistics‚ e.g. ‘Item bought 10 times today‘ or ‘123 people are viewing this product‘
  • Purchase follow-up emails with recommendations to promote cross selling.
Before the project there were a lot of manual processes involved to get to a suboptimal result. This caused a lack of speed in implementation of marketing use cases and resulted in suboptimal performance of the marketing team. 
After the project core processes have been automated, helping the business achieve optimal conversion on the website. On top of this, customer data can now be used from a single source to turn all marketing campaigns into better converting personalized experiences. 
What had the customer tried before?
  • Manual, item-based recommenders on product pages 
  • Stock notification on product pages
  • Increasing ad spend
  • 20% increase in website conversion
  • 15% decrease of advertising spend
  • Low requirement for IT resources
The project schedule
  • Selection of ecommerce use cases from the platform´s Library
  • Training
  • Setup of email templates by marketing department of our client
  • Styling of product recommendation units on the website by frontend specialist at the vendor´s client partner
  • Launch of campaigns by client
Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
Implementation of all use cases was achieved in under 2 months.
Project cost
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Involved employees
(Operating phase, FTE)
Involved employees
(Project phase, FTE)
Skills required by the customer
Using our ecommerce plugins requires no technical knowledge to get started with the most effective use cases. Advanced users benefit of an existing Tag Manager implementation and a good ecommerce data layer. In the operation customer´s team benefits of marketing automation knowledge and also some knowledge of HTML and CSS to create personalized website experiences that blend perfectly into the existing webpage.
The project schedule
Technical Facts 

  • Cloud Based SaaS Solution
  • Datalayer integration required
  • Product Catalog required
  • Backend data synchronization possible



  • Integration: Ecommerce Datalayer, Google Tag Manager, Lightspeed, Magento, Shopify.
  • Advertising: Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Doubleclick, Google Ad Manager
  • ESP: Mailchimp, Maileon, Mailjet, Spotler, Clang, Copernica
  • Squeezely API (Data import & export)
  • Squeezely Tracker


Where is the data located?

The solution is cloud based. Storage and physical security are handled by our cloud partner. Our platform is trusted by large ecommerce companies as well as the banking industry and adheres to strict privacy and security processes. 

Tim Hoefnagel (Founder)
"If a customer is looking for a magic button to personalize their marketing, then we can't help, but if it's about building a central customer profile that can be used to build personalized experiences that last, we're the best."
Tim Hoefnagel
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.