Trusted near-shore partner ensures IT resources and growth

Trusted near-shore partner ensures IT resources and growth
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Kristina Kikaliene
The problem
Many potential projects had to be rejected by the IT Company because of lack of resources and high pricing, which affected business growth
An IT Company focused the callenge, that 20 % of incoming development leads could not be covered by existing company employees. The recruitment process for local resources of an IT company took too long to be flexible and was too expensive, so the customer was not always able to offer competitive prices for projects.The idea came up, that the potential partner should be able to introduce agile scrum methods to the teams. So, a partnership could help to get the resources needed to deliver the projects and in the same time coach internally agile scum methods.
The solution
Nearshoring in Lithuania with scrum methods
The IT company chose a nearshore solution in Lithuania. The solution enabled the customer to fill the gaps where resources were needed and to start new projects.
Stumbling blocks
Communication is key for every partnership and project. At the beginning of each partnership it is important to appoint right representatives for each level (operational, tactical and strategic) to make sure that the communication and problem solving, escalation process works well.
What had the customer tried before?The customer was very careful with outsourcing resources and never tried a nearshore solution before.
  • Effective governance was established and technical and business road blockers were regularly removed to make sure that the project moves forward well and the Companies gain the most out of the partnership.
  • A similar culture made the onboarding quick.
  • The same time zone made coordination of projects easier to arrange and more cost-effective face to face meetings.
  • As Lithuania is at moderate distance, face-to-face meetings can be scheduled cost effective.
The project schedule
Both parties signed NDA and framework agreement. The Client provided information about projects to be started and provided Product Owners for those projects. The partner built teams for the specific projects according to technical and business requirements. Then the projects started and were monitored by defined governance model (operational, tactical and strategic review meetings). 
Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
2 years ongoing
Involved employees
(Operating phase, FTE)
Skills required by the customer
The project schedule
Role definition had to be done, as well as user stories were defined by the Customer. The development process handled by the team, led by Alna Proxy PO and Scrum Master based on 2 weeks sprints.

Technical facts: 

Main areas are in general: Business solutions (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, EPICOR), custom software development (.Net, JAVA, Oracle, Python, PHP, SharePoint and others) and support (24/7) (Linux, Windows, Oracle DBAs, Mainframe).

Data Location:

The client data is on client side only. The partner does not store or own the data. The access to the systems is granted, monitored and managed by the customer. Regular client security audits are taking place on the partners premises.

Kristina Kikaliene (Executive Key Account Manager for German Market)
Kristina Kikaliene
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.