Always one step ahead of the bad guys in the future?

Always one step ahead of the bad guys in the future?
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Malte Tasto
The problem
How can I prevent burglary and theft using the latest technologies so that I do not incur enormous damage and high follow-up costs?
Burglaries and robberies made the everyday life of an entrepreneur more difficult. He became a victim of multiple thefts and vandalism, which eventually led him to his existential limits. After the customer understood that common security solutions such as alarm systems with flashing light sirens or security guards and smart home systems could no longer stop the perpetrators, he decided to get away from the classic variants of security technology - because these did strike - but often too late and without success. There was therefore an urgent need for preventive measures. Above all, it was important to the customer that an alarm be processed even if he was prevented or could not be reached.
The solution
The search was therefore on for a modern and innovative solution that would protect against burglary, robbery, theft and vandalism with individual security concepts and make everyday business life safer.
The solution to this security gap was a live burglary protection system, which, through the digital adaptation of security techniques and state-of-the-art technology, enables a reaction time of seconds in the event of an alarm and thus prevents fatal consequences as far as possible. Together with the provider of this new security solution, the customer arranged an initial meeting at the property upon request. After this enquiry, an individual project planning of the security solution took place. In less than 4 weeks the installation of the necessary technical components and the connection to an emergency call and service control centre was completed. During the project it became apparent that there were regularly changing personnel in the company. Therefore, an access control solution with radio transponders and the installation of a digital access management system was individually adapted and this challenge was also mastered. According to this, the alarm system was put into operation and reliable 24/7 burglary protection was provided. Full-HD cameras and a digital intrusion control panel for translating the signals from the alarm transmitters now generate a live connection to the active emergency and service control centre via the Internet on the one hand and a redundant transmission via the GSM network on the other. The first thing to be checked is what is going on in the affected object. False alarms can thus be filtered out in time if necessary. However, if a real alarm is present, a live perpetrator address is given via the installed communication stations without the need for anyone to be present in person. The police are alerted without delay and can use the high-resolution images for case processing.
  • Fewer secondary damages
  • Securing the operating procedure
  • Guaranteed alarm processing
  • Remote monitoring without own personnel deployment
  • Valuable time saving through immediate reaction
  • Active perpetrator expulsion through live perpetrator address
Malte Tasto (Executive director)
Malte Tasto
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.