Automation in sales for products that are in need of explanation

Automation in sales for products that are in need of explanation
Unlock sales potential
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Rick van Esch
The problem
A leading European Telco wanted to increase his phone subscription packs for retailers and in the same time minimize costs of acquisition
A leading European Telco offers many different phone subscription packs for retail customers to choose from, what makes it not easy for the customer to make a quick choice. A 1-on-1 guidance was not possible as it was too labour intensive. But Conversions of phone subscription packs on the website were low due to a lot of information being displayed and too many choices that had to be made. On top they needed different languages to be covered.The customers speak different languages, so they need to have the same great experience in every language.
The solution
An automated AI Chatbot helped to increase sales, by targeting this special customer segment and answer their questions
The Telco decided to go for an AI Chatbot on their website to guide their retail customers in an automated way. Thanks to the multi-lingual capacity it was possible to cover all user requests. A second benefit was, that the AI Chatbot could be maintained by the business users and no internal IT resources were needed in operation. Also, the integration of the platform was easier compared to other solutions.
Stumbling blocks
First step was to create a common understanding of what AI does and what it doesn’t. 

Second, there was the need of making sure that business has to be on board and not only the IT department. 

Also, the Telco realized after a few weeks that AI chatbots are living things and evolve when products evolves, so they must also create ownership of this technology in the organization for the long run.

What had the customer tried before?
  •  Restructuring website (not effectively enough) 
  •  live chat (too expensive)
What criteria were important to him?
  •  That the solution could handle multiple languages
  •  That the AI bot platform could be maintained by business users and not by ITers
  •  A substantial increase in conversion rates for phone subscription packs.
The AI chatbot led to 120% more conversions of phone Subscription Packs.

More subscriptions were sold, but also the technology has been embraced by the organization. Now they have multiple tracks in e.g. HR, Support, sales bots for other product ranges as well.

The project schedule
There was a whole approach ranging from gathering the different questions to be answered when choosing the right phone subscription pack, choosing the identity/personality of the AI chatbot, experimenting with the dialogues, etc.

Company’s employees acceptance was supported, by internal campaigns and internal education.

Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
3 months
Project cost
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Skills required by the customer
A new profession called: Conversational Design has been developed within the Telco’s organization.


The project schedule
Integrate the AI chatbot with the Telco’s website.

Integrations & APIs

For some projects the APIs are used to link to the company’s CRM.
Next to the APIs, there are also channels integrations where the AI chatbot can reside. A new AI chatbot has been launched for Phone Subscription Packs for youngsters and instead of only residing on the company’s website, it also resides on Facebook Messenger.

Where is the data stored?

The AI bot platform runs on MS Azure and data is kept guaranteed in EU

Rick van Esch (Chief Commercial Officer)
"If a customer wants a simple chatbot then we are not the perfect match, but if it comes to creating intelligent chatbots that require to answer more complex answers in multiple different languages we're number one."
Rick van Esch
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.