If you want to "know" and not "believe"...

If you want to "know" and not "believe"...
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Jana Schultze
The problem
It has always been a problem for the customer to prepare a proper cost estimate in the field of outdoor facility maintenance - and often one was also deprived of the possibility of cost optimization.
The customer's problem was to present a reliable representation of the operating costs for outdoor facilities. In order to achieve a valid budget estimate and, if necessary, a cost reduction, the previous accounts were not transparent enough. In the planning and awarding of services, flat rates per property were previously used for calculation and the billing did not correspond to the actual expenses of the care content. However, in the context of the settlement of operating costs to third parties, all services had to be exactly proven. For this purpose a quantity structure of the real estate contents e.g. according to the FLL criteria catalogue Object Types Open Space Facilities (OKFREI) is necessary as a basis for the allocation and billing. This was not available and therefore there was no chance to achieve a cost reduction with the help of different care scenarios. In recent years, the company had helped itself with an estimate of the area and the billing of services according to flat-rate unit values per area. The planning and billing was done using Excel tables. Now, a prompt inspection of the maintenance services for quality assurance purposes was in the works, as well as the exact preparation of the operating cost statement for the 2019/20 statement. For 2018 and subsequent years, the contracts with the companies had to be put out to tender and renegotiated. Knowing full well that the old calculation bases were suboptimal, the time had come to look for new solutions.
The solution
The customer found a solution that gave him planning security, quality control and cost transparency, while ensuring that the services were implemented on schedule.
The choice fell on a company which could show experience values on the market and could deliver the complete project management including consulting for all processes from one source. First of all, there was a kick-off meeting to jointly define the goals and schedule. Then the customer handed over the property information to the service provider. The service provider then created a quantity structure and map material via aerial photo evaluation according to OKFREI, which was handed over to the end customer. After "clicking", the maintenance plan for all outdoor facilities was made available to the service providers on the web. After instructing all employees and trades in the quality management tool, in which the maintenance tasks are documented and assigned, the "cold start" to the productive phase in mid-2018 was achieved without any significant problems.

Stumbling blocks during the project could be solved directly. For example, some properties were construction sites - these properties were simply entered after the end of the construction site. As a solution, the end customer carried out a photo documentation on site and the service provider digitalized the contents based on the photos. The connection of the computer centre to the complex infrastructure of the end customer was also solved by the same service provider by adapting the access procedure.

What led digitization in this case: The user can call up both the factual information on the service provision on site and the map information with the maintenance limits on mobile devices and log the services performed in a timely manner. The map material is exact, so there is no more confusion and even employees without detailed local knowledge can find the place of performance. The presentation of the services actually performed can be carried out in a legally compliant manner within the scope of the operating cost accounting.

  • modern QM system for the maintenance of the outdoor facilities
  • creation of paper maps is not necessary
  • exact quantity model for tenders or resource planning
  • clearer accounting of operating costs
  • sound budget planning for the maintenance of the outdoor facilities
  • professional online collaboration platform for all process participants
Jana Schultze (Projektcontrolling)
Only an exact quantity structure and a content-related meaningful map basis over the outdoor facilities as well as the resulting budget planning and web-based presentation of all process steps for planning, execution and billing of services are a guarantee for an effective operational control for the maintenance of the green infrastructure and a resilient presentation of the operating costs.
Jana Schultze
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.