When internal processes become expensive

Project costs (digits)
Running costs
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When internal processes become expensive
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Project costs (digits)
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Frank Stefan Scholz
The problem
At a consulting firm the administrative costs increased and the decision was to hire a new employee or to rebuild the processes with the help of software
The results of the process investigation and the cost estimates prompted the customer to look for an integrated ERP solution for his consulting company and thus to reduce the administrative workload by means of a stringently set up and partially automated process.
  • acceptance of the consultants
  • integrated billing of project services,
  • smart surface
  • usability
The solution
An ERP solution that has specialized in consulting for many years and provides all necessary interfaces to be integrated into an existing IT system
The choice fell on a medium-sized ERP provider that has specialized in consulting for many years and provides all necessary interfaces to be integrated into an existing IT.
  • Addresses had to be maintained in 4 solutions
  • The project services performed are manually transferred into an invoice. Subsequently, all sales evaluations and productivity key figures had to be determined manually
  • All evaluations had to be prepared manually
  • One-time address maintenance
  • Fully integrated billing of services
  • Controlling at the touch of a button

-> More productive working time for consultants and administrative staff

What had the customer tried before?Many partial solutions, which however meant double data maintenance and complex interfaces. 
  • Reduced administrative costs and the existing staffing level could be used without further recruitment
  • Cost saving for the transfer to the tax adviser approx. 4h per month
  • A central solution for all processes with an open database for own adaptations and interfaces (e.g. Datev, Office)
The project schedule
  • Insight and explanations into the processes
  • Requirements were collected
  • Sample documents for an initial presentation were collected and mapped in the subsequent software environment
  • Presentation of the implemented performance features
  • Calculation for the project was made based on the requirements
  • Decision-making process
  • Workshops at the beginning of the introduction
  • Key user principle
  • Step-by-step introduction
  • Test operation
  • Live operation with going live support
  • After Sales + Customer Service
Project maturity level
Used company-wide
Project duration
3 months
Project cost
Running costs
(per month, digits)
Involved employees
(Operating phase, FTE)
Involved employees
(Project phase, FTE)
Skills required by the customer
The customer only needs limited technical skills. All customization can be done. 
The project schedule
The infrastructure was provided by the customer. Alternatively, a cloud solution would have been possible. Then the installation was carried out and the access data for the web-based solution was provided to the customer. The customer has outsourced the solution Vemas.NET to a data center of his choice, which takes over operation and maintenance. 

Technical facts

  • Functional enhancements are part of the maintenance
  • New technology (.NET Core) will be available soon


  • Completely web based
  • Web services
  • API

Where is the data?

At the customer's hosting provider in the data center.

Alternatively the provider offers the Vemas.cloud to the customer. The partner IPB - Internet Provider Berlin provides a highly available, professional cloud solution in its data center. Besides 24/7, the solution is built up completely redundant and is provided in 2 completely independent data centers 8 km apart in a fail-safe way and is operated professionally. 

Frank Stefan Scholz (Partner and member of the management. - Stand A18/12 in Hall 7 at the Twenty2X, ERP & CRM Community Pavilion)
"If a customer is only looking for partial solutions for his consulting company (CRM only), we can't help, but when it comes to offering the customer a fully integrated solution including billing, we are the front-runners".
Frank Stefan Scholz
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.