Billing marathon - or just a short sprint?

Billing marathon - or just a short sprint?
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Christian Heimrich
The problem
How can it be prevented that too much time is invested in collecting invoices, especially since many of them are the same or recurring every month?
Bills are part of everyday business life. This was also the problem of an SME, which searched through several different portals by hand month after month in order to get the individual invoices. In addition, the latter were sometimes difficult to find or were even lost completely. The individual online portals also differ in terms of how they are used and each time they take up valuable time by logging in and finding their way around. In the end, the customer was annoyed every time that he could not devote himself to his own business activities, as he originally wanted to do.
The solution
What is needed is a simple and fast process that optimizes and revolutionizes invoice management.
The solution for this is a cloud-based invoice management. This involves the complete digitalization of the invoice management. What had to be done for the customer? A big advantage was that about 5000 portals were already fully integrated. The customer only had to log on to the cloud and set up all the portals (e.g. from the mobile network operator, hosting provider or software manufacturer) once by storing access data and password for the portal in the tool. For the invoices that could not be retrieved via a portal on a regular basis, he specified his e-mail folders in which invoices could be received. Once created, the software automatically searched for all invoices and displayed them to the customer in an overview. Since the customer had a DATEV account with his tax advisor, his invoices could be transferred directly from this point on. All invoices are thus recorded and comply with proper accounting.
  • The entrepreneur never has to search for bills again and thus saves a lot of time.
  • Through the integration of many FIBU partners, the cooperation with the tax consultants becomes fast, digital and reliable.
  • Thanks to integrated workflows, invoice approvals, payments, expense reimbursements, travel expense reports, entertainment receipts and much more can be handled automatically.
Christian Heimrich (Head of Partner Management)
Christian Heimrich
The information may of course vary in individual cases. Please contact the provider for an assessment of your project.