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Unlock the potential of your use case studies

Let customers benefit from your expertise. We create clearly structured use cases for B2B. Authentic content that really matters to your customers. Position your employees as specialist for different use cases.

Next Corporate Event

Sales Departments can easily set up an interactive meeting to promote their products/services via use cases to customers and prospects. Online Events can integrate an innovative format and bring their matchmaking quote to the next level.

Use Case Management

For companies: We take care about the whole lifecycle of all your use cases. Marketing and sales profit from an easy and cost-effective way to promote case studies to customers.

For initiatives, events, associations and platforms: We make the power of your network visible, by creating standardized use cases with all your partners and centralizing them on the website of the initiative. This enables visitors to discover the expertise behind the network and filter by area of interest.

Entering the German market

We support foreign startups and IT companies to reach awareness and get entry to the German market. Together with media co-operations, we deliver campaigns to promote innovative solutions from around the world via use cases.

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